TOP of FiveM servers New Eden🌏|WHITELISTED✔️|ONESYNC|TOKOVOIP|Drugs💊|Bank robberies💰|Realistic phones📱|Custom scripts📝|Custom cars🚗|Actual legal system⚖️|Active staff&development👨🏻‍💻|Whitelisted jobs👮🏼

What creates new eden roleplay?

Front End Development (Website) 45%
Back End Development (Website) 45%
Server Development
Discord Development 85%
The Community... YOU GUYS! 100%

What else we provide?

Friendly Community

Here at New Eden we make sure that our community is friendly. We make sure that every single person that comes to our community is treated with respect. Make sure to join our community forums and discord server to explore more!


We make sure that we are professional at all times, especially when dealing with staff situations. At New Eden we make sure that everyone has fun, but will be professional when needed.

Quality Roleplay

We strive to make sure that the state of role play at New Eden is the best it can be. Role play and the community is what creates New Eden. If you have any problems make sure to report them on our community forums or discord server.

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