The following are Server Rules and can lead to kick/ban:

• Metagaming: NO using information from 3rd party apps such as Discord/Twitch etc. This Includes not using external calling apps

• Powergaming/Exploiting: NO roleplaying in a manner meant to abuse mechanics to your characters advantage or using mechanics in an unintended way.

• GTA Driving: Keep it Reasonable (Use Common Sense). This means no jumping 50 feet of a cliff etc in your supercar and so on. (some jumps with motorbikes and certain vehicles are allowed again, use common sense) If you crash a 200mph for example I expect you to try to RP it out, we have a BLACKOUT mechanic which should help you know when it’s a bad crash.

• Random/Vehicle Death-Match(RDM/VDM): No attacking or killing another player or group without any story/RP/initiation leading up to the event.

• LEO/EMS/Military: No using LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) or EMS clothing articles. No stealing/using any EMS/Military vehicles. No farming NPCs for weapons. Cop baiting is not allowed (making the police chase you for fun etc). ○ EMS are a protected/neutral group and should not be kidnapped/killed while performing their duties unless 3 or more cops and EMS are on. You can not wear any LSPD,EMS,BCSO,FD uniforms unless you are in that job, EUP is ONLY for the police and using this menu will lead to a one day ban.

• Toxicity: Creating/breeding toxicity of any sort be it OOC Drama, or racism/derogatory remarks/etc in OOC is NOT acceptable.

• New Life Rule (NLR): If you are downed and forced to respawn at the hospital your character must not re-enter that RP situation till it has completed its course. If completed do not return to that area for at least 20mins. If you are found by an Officer etc. DO NOT Respawn and let them /drag you to hospital. If you respawn you can expect to have some memory loss etc but it’s up to you how you RP it.

• Criminal Activity: ○ Any group of players may create and RP as a Criminal Group/Org/Gang on the server ○ Criminal groups are limited to 6 players max online at a time. (No using friends as hostages!) ○ There is a maximum of 4 players allowed to be involved in ANY criminal RP situation (this includes the lookout/outside shooter/getaway driver/etc)

• /ME: ○ Should be used to enhance RP. Use for anything that cannot be expressed in game (stab wounds/animations not in game/etc) ○ Should be used to at all times when pulling out anything except a small weapon (pistols and all melee weapons). Large weapons must be kept in the Vehicle and only cops can sling weapons. Only Police/Ems can have bodycams if you wish to record something /me it or use an emote that would apply. Otherwise can not be used as IC information/evidence. • Working Mic: Working microphone is required at all times. • You MUST stay in character at all times (If there is a rule break or admin issue, RP the scenario to conclusion and contact an admin via /report or discord after the fact)

Police officers can NOT be taken hostage or robbed UNLESS there are THREE officers on duty, not including cadets.

Role-playing sexual assault (non-consensual touching, rape, etc.) this will lead to a perma ban including threats of the sort.

Please WAIT until the RP concludes to /report and make an Admin sit. Do NOT cry fail RP, also make sure you have Evidence. Obviously in extreme cases do /report straight away.

3 Warning will lead to a Perma Ban.